Vanliga frågor

What is a landing page?

Landing page is basically an extension of your website - a dedicated page to generate sales/leads. We create a minimalistic landing page for your brand with limited goals, to prevent any distraction and help visitors focus on what's important.

What type of ad campaigns can you create/manage?

This offering is best suited for static ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. We can also run a search engine ad or a retargeting ad campaign, if required. Videos/animated creatives are chargeable additionally.

What do you need from us to start?

For the "Creator" plan, we will need some details about the your product/service, target audience, and that's it. For the "Create + Manage" plan, we will need credentials/access to your ad account. Or you can screenshare and we will walk you through the setup/optimization.

How long does it take?

Once you give a go-ahead: Day 0 - We share a short questionnaire to understand your requirement Day 1-3 - Creation starts - we share the landing page content + ad creative for your inputs. Day 3-4 - Landing page is ready to be hosted & the ad campaign is created. Day 5 - Campaign is made live after your final approval.

I run a B2B services business. How is this going to help me?

For B2B brands, we recommend LinkedIn as the ideal source for generating quality prospects. Under this plan, we will create, run & manage your LinkedIn ad campaign - generating quality prospects for your business.

My business is customer - centric; electronic products/gifts, etc. Can you guys help?

Yes. We can help set and manage your Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns. If required, we can also arrange a product photoshoot for you in the region of your choice.